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Mercedes 1961 220SE Coupe Owners Manual Package German and English


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Here’s a rare and fantastic 1961 220SE Coupe Owners Manual Package with rare paperwork.
The German version of the owners manual and the Ausgabe A (edition A) which is on the second row from the top in the first photo, has water staining but everything else is in excellent condition that came with the German version.
The English owners manual and Edition A are in near mint condition. You can see in one photo how flat the pages lie. No writing inside.
Includes the most complete Becker #15 paperwork as shown with warranty paperwork. Also a large map of German service stations and the small service stations booklet has a map of europe.

But the most important paperwork is the original Kraftfahrzuegbrief- Motor Vehicle registration showing Kodak AG
1961 and Helmut Nagel- 1964. With inspection stamp in 1977. Then there’s a tire service receipt in Washington DC in 1978 for Frank Moorhead.

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